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Identify ONE person in your life who is far from God and intentionally pursue that person with the hope of the Gospel by praying, investing, and inviting.

Take a moment and identify one person in your life who either doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus or is disengaged with the local church. This person should be someone you see regularly (Example: Choose your friend in Charlotte over your friend in Seattle). Consider your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, etc. Once you identify this person, write their name down on a post-it or note card.

Once you identify who this person is, commit to doing three things:

1. PRAY - I will pray daily for my ONE.

We will ask God to make our ONE aware of Christ’s love and their need for Him (2 Cor. 4:4; Matt.13:15) and to give them the faith to repent and believe (Acts 20:21; Romans 10:9-10). We will also ask that God allows us to share the Gospel with them.

2. INVEST - I will create ways to invest weekly in my ONE.

Our hope is to build a relationship where we can share Christ’s love with our ONE (1 Cor. 9:19-23). As we invest in our relationship with our ONE, we build trust, which creates more opportunities to share the Gospel.

3. INVITE - As I pray and invest, I will invite my ONE to the next right thing.

The ideal would be to share your faith and invite your ONE to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When he or she isn’t there yet, I will invite them to a place where I know they'll be engaged with the Gospel (i.e. a Sunday morning service).

IMPORTANT:  Your ONE is a person, not a project.  The goal here is to set our minds and actions toward intentionality. 

[original content by Replicate Ministries modified with permission]