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    - Adults: Plan with Journal and Devotional

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Here are some reasons we're reading the same Bible plan together this coming year:

  • It’s just good for our whole church family to join together in a spiritual task. We’re doing church in a fractured, divisive world—and anything we can do together in spiritual disciplines is a good thing. 
  • Reading together reinforces the church’s commitment to the Word. It’s one thing to say, “The Word of God governs what we do”; it’s another thing to say, “The Word of God that governs us is so important to us that we want to read it together.” 
  • It can encourage gospel-centered conversations among our church family. Some who have never otherwise asked about each other’s Bible reading might well be more inclined to enter such discussions.
  • Memorizing Scripture together - helps us all hide God's Word in our hearts
  • A congregation-wide plan will push all of us to be faithful in our own reading. Sometimes, even leaders struggle with consistency in their Bible reading. If they know, though, that they’ve encouraged the church to read together, they’ll be more committed to the task.
(NOTE: Based on a lengthier post by Dr. Chuck Lawless.)