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Article: Fasting For Beginners

“Without a purpose and plan, it’s not Christian fasting; it’s just going hungry.”


Article: Fasting Isn’t for the Spiritually Elite. It’s for the Hurting.

"Fasting is a situationally birthed, psychosomatically sensed, prompt from the soul to seek direction, correction, or comfort from God through prayer-soaked abstention, as we await the return of our King."


Article:  Christians Fast Because Satan Is Hungry 

"Food is necessary for life. When we go without it, we deplete ourselves of energy, of life. In choosing to go without food, we’re choosing the way of the cross. Counterintuitively, in choosing physical death, we experience spiritual life. We learn to depend not on our strength, but God’s. Like the prophet Ezekiel, we make our meal the very Word of God (Ezek. 3:3). As we repent of trusting in the flesh, we better learn to experience the power of the Spirit."


Article: Praying Together: An Invisible, Yet Vital Work

"A church’s life and ministry doesn’t exist merely at the visible level of flesh and blood, buildings and classes, events and committee meetings. The church’s greatest business takes place in unseen places—and so we pray."