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In the sermon, BEHOLD, THE POWER OF THE LORD (click here), I encouraged you to read Exodus 7:6-11:10 for yourself and use the notes from the sermon as a guide.

Below, I've included a link to the "Scientific" article that I mentioned, helpful notes (right from the sermon) about the timing and agents of the plagues, and there's an image (linked at the bottom under downloads) of a chart that may help you navigate the counterfeits and the decay of Pharaoh's heart.

Humbly yours,
-Pastor Chad 


Click here for the article from the staff of Live Science attempting to negate the miraculous plagues: The Science of the 10 Plagues.


Notes (right from the sermon) regarding timing and agents of the Plagues:


  • Most of the plagues are announced in advance, although the third, sixth, and ninth come without warning.  
  • With every third plague (this time the first, fourth, and seventh), we are told that Moses appears to Pharaoh in the morning (7:15; 8:20; 9:13).
  • Four of the plagues mention “tomorrow” as a start or stop time.
  • Moses grants Pharaoh “the honor” of setting a time for the end of the second plague (8:9–10), while Moses himself sets the time of the end of the fourth plague (v 29).
  • With the fifth and seventh plagues, the focus shifts. Now the Lord sets the time (9:5, 18; 11:4).
  • With the final plague, the LORD’s appointed start time is moved forward to midnight (11:4).


  • Aaron is said to be the agent of the first three plagues (7:19; 8:5, 16–17) and Moses is the agent of the sixth to ninth plagues (9:8, 22–24; 10:13, 21–22). But God is the direct agent of the fourth, fifth, and tenth plagues (8:24; 9:6; 11:4). The point is that these plagues did not just happen.

BEHOLD, THE POWER OF GOD!  They happened in God’s timing and at God’s instigation, through God’s chosen messengers.