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What's your plan for church attendance in 2022?  What if you planned to attend ALL services in '22.  

You might say, “that's not realistic!” Maybe...but plan for all and see how it goes.  Yes, folks get sick, major events happen, but plan on being present and engaged!  Build your family activities AROUND church - remember, church is a family activity.

Pastor and author Ray Rhodes suggested a separate journal for 2022 church services.  Not just for sermon notes, but for thoughts on other aspects of the service:
    - songs, prayers, scripture readings, fellowship with the folks.
    - How were you “stirred to love and good works?”
    - How did you stir others?
    - How can you better pray for and serve and build up the church?  

Jotting down a few sentences per Sunday could bring lots of fruit to your discipleship journey.

Plan for a Blessed New Year!