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Thank you for each of these precious children here today….for those represented by families here and online we’re grateful.  They mean so much to us - but they mean SO MUCH MORE to You!

This school year would you wrap them in your arms and bring them comfort and security. 

Would you remove anxiety and unleash a desire to learn, to grow, and to mature. 

Give our children peace and joy and excitement during their school day. 

Lord, for our teens - we know it’s a hard day to be a teenager today.  We ask that you would fill our teens with grace, mercy, strength, and a heart that beats for YOU!  

Help them to resist the cry of the age to be self-obsessed - we don’t want them to miss the joy and blessing of serving others.

Help them to manage their time well.  When they’re stressed, help them to remember to cast their cares on You…to breathe and trust You, the Prince of Peace. 

Equip them with wisdom and discernment in their relationships.  Help them develop long-lasting godly friendships.  Bring their attention and their parents to any negative relationships.

Let our children and teens be quick to listen and slow to speak.  Help them respect their teachers and strive to do their best. 

BUT Let them rest in the knowledge that they are loved by you and by us, regardless of their performance, social status, grades, talents or athletic abilities.