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Today, we pause to lift up these precious men and women of God who have a hand in shepherding, molding, instructing, guiding, and influencing children and students - many in this church…and the immediate areas around us.

For those in the Public School system, Lord, thank you for their presence and witness.  We pray that you would flood their schools with godly principles.  At a national level, we are seeing a decline in EDUCATION and an uptick in INDOCTRINATION, so we are incredibly grateful for the godly women and men of influence that you have strategically placed for such a time as this.  Protect them, fill them with your Holy Spirit, give them courage when they need to stand for truth against unnecessary and ungodly materials - remind them that they are not alone…we stand with them.

For those in the non-public institutions, Lord, do the same.  We ask for mercy and protection for all of these teachers, mentors, educators, counselors, and support staff that rally around these children.  With so many voices competing for our children’s attention today, Father, we pray that you would give these men and women a voice that is heard above the noise…your voice speaking through them drawing them to truth…to you.

Lord, for those many families in our number and online that are homeschooling in one form or another, we come humbly ask you to give those parents the time, energy, and patience needed to lead their children well.  Strengthen the relationships between these parents and their children.  Fill each home and family with the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control that only comes by your Spirit.

Lord, being in education whether teaching, supporting, administration, mentoring or other roles, has always been a high-stress, incredibly important job…regardless of where.  They all have such huge impact on our families, this church, this community, our nation, the world!  I pray that right now, you would encourage them - help them feel appreciated, loved, and motivated to serve in these ways…for your glory!