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(The names of our Missionary couple have been redacted from this report.)

These days our friends are eagerly awaiting the reopening of the border so visitors can freely enter Hong Kong.

It has been 52 days since there has been local transmission of Covid in Hong Kong. However, some who arrive from other countries bring Covid with them, therefore the government is currently imposing a strict quarantine on all who return. People are required to stay in designated hotels for up to 3 weeks depending upon the countries they had previously visited. During this time, they are tested for Covid up to 5 times.

So, our friends' ministry focus is shifting more and more towards Hong Kong. Please pray for three new areas of ministry they are now pursuing:

1. Starting evangelical outreaches especially to those from Southeast Asia and Central Asia who have little exposure to the gospel.
2. Staring home fellowships focusing on discipleship 
3. Mentoring local leaders.