We take the Great Commission seriously and currently support missionaries worldwide and arrange short-term mission trips when needed.

Due to the safety needs of some of our missionaries in Hong Kong and Spain, we do not publish information online. We invite you to pray that their work takes root and makes a strong, lasting impact for Jesus across the nation.


Find out more about and their work. You can also increase your awareness of what God is doing among the nations by reading Operation World by Jason Mandryk.


Pray specifically for our missionaries.  We'll have prayer guides published soon.

CLICK HERE: How To Pray Powerfully For Missionaries Around The World


Consider traveling to serve our missionaries or other partners by participating in a short-term mission trip. Discover how teams have served in the past or inquire about upcoming trips.


Partner in the work of the Gospel with your finances. Thanks to your generous giving, we continue to increase our missions funding.  In 2021, more than 20% of the church's expenses were for Global Missions.

As we look to the future, it seems there are even more opportunities for us to take the Gospel to the world, and we are trusting Him for the resources to do so.